Marco Polo

wrote a book about his travels in China
continued France's search for a water route to Asia by sailing the St. Lawerence river
de Leon
Explored present day florida while looking for the fountain of youth
Was thought to be the first to come to the Americas. He explored the carribien and south America
Cheng Ho
sent china's ships to nearly every spot around china an early explorer
Prince Henry
sent ships down the coast of africa, and sent Diaz past the cape of good hope
sailed the present day hudson river loooking for the northwest passage The dutch made land claims around the land he explored. the Hudson bay was also found, ***fish******
Explored Canada and Newfoundland ****fish***** got england into exploring
de Soto
Conquerd&settled Florida and explored the American SE he inslaved many natives
de Cornado
led an expedition into north america and looked for gold. mainly in the american SW
Defeated the powerful Icna empire
Was the first to circumnavigate the WORLD, proving that the world is round
Explored south america and claimed it 4 portugal.
First person to go to the Americas and started the columbian exchange
The first european to sail past the cape of good hope
Started new spain and conquered the Aztec people
da Gama
Led the fist european route to india
marco polo
wrote a book about his travels in china