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Basic Direct/Indirect Speech


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My mom said that I could play soccer after school.
My mom said, "You can play soccer after school."
My sister said that she wanted to join the tennis club.
My sister said, "I want to join the tennis club."
My brother said that he would do his homework that night after dinner.
My brother said, "I will do my homework tonight after dinner."
My father said I was a good student.
My father said, "You are a good student."
My father said he would show me how to kick a ball.
My father said, "I will show you how to kick a ball."
My sister said that she needed to get good grades that semester.
My sister said, "I need to get good grades this semester."
My mother said that I needed to focus on my studies.
My mother said, "You need to focus on your studies."
My coach said that if I practiced a little bit everyday, I would improve a lot.
My coach said, "If you practice a little bit everyday, you will improve a lot."
The teacher said that all students had to turn in their homework at that time.
The teacher said, "All students must turn in their homework now."
My father told me to give him my phone.
My father said, "Give me your phone."
My sister told me to wash the dishes.
My sister said, "Wash the dishes."
My brother told me to go with him to the store.
My brother said, "Come with me to the store."
My teacher asked me if I liked to read.
My teacher asked, "Do you like to read?"
My father asked me if I had any homework.
My father asked, "Do you have any homework?"
My friend asked me if I wanted to go to a movie.
My friend asked, "Do you want to go to a movie?"