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  1. Accounting Cycle
  2. Owner's Equity
  3. Dividends Per Share
  4. Double-Entry Bookkeeping
  5. Total Asset Turnover
  1. a sales/total assets
  2. b a system of recording and classifying business transactions that maintains the balance of the accounting equation
  3. c the actual cash received for each share owned
  4. d 1. Examine source documents
    2. Record transactions
    3. Post transactions
    4. Prepare financial statements
  5. e =assets-liabilities

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  1. the entire amount of income before any deductions are made
  2. private accountants who, after rigorous examination, are certified by the National Association of Accountants and who have some managerial responsibility
  3. summary of a firm's financial information, products, and growth plans for owners and potential investors
  4. the costs incurred in the day-to-day operations of an organization
  5. sales/total inventory

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  1. Journalan accountant who has passed certain examinations and met all other statutory and licensing requirements of a United States state to be certified by that state


  2. Current Assetsassets that are expected to be converted to cash or used within one year


  3. Liabilitiesdebts that a firm owes others


  4. Managerial Accountingthe recording, measurement, and interpretation of financial information


  5. Per Share Datadata used by investors to compare the performance of one company with another on an equal, per share basis


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