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  1. Assets
  2. Debt Utilization Ratios
  3. Receivables Turnover
  4. Liabilities
  5. Depreciation
  1. a debts that a firm owes others
  2. b a firm's economic resources, or items of value that it owns, such as cash, inventory, land, equipments, buildings and other tangible and intangible things
  3. c ratios that measure how much debt and organization is using relative to other sources of capital, such as owners' equity
  4. d sales/accounts receivable
  5. e the loss of the value of capital equipment that results from normal wear and tear

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  1. 1. Examine source documents
    2. Record transactions
    3. Post transactions
    4. Prepare financial statements
  2. net income/sales
  3. the total profit after all expenses, including taxes, have been deducted from revenue; also called net-earnings
  4. an internal financial plan that forecasts expenses and income over a set period of time
  5. sales/total assets

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  1. Earnings Per Sharethe actual cash received for each share owned


  2. Accounts Payablemoney an organization owes its vendors and suppliers.


  3. Managerial Accountingthe internal use of accounting statements by managers in planning and directing the organization's activities


  4. Liquidity Ratiosa straight measure of liquidity that eliminates inventory


  5. Return on Assetsnet income/owner's equity