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When did the Industrial Revolution start?


What are the 3 factors of production?

land, labor, capitol

What are the 5 factores of success?

exploration and colonialism, sea power, political stabability, government support, growth of private investment

What was the Enclosure movement?

moved peasants off land, created large efficient farms, increased amount of sheep farming

What did Eli Whitney invent?

cotton gin

What did Jethro Tull invent?

seed drill

What did Richard Arkwrite invent? What did it come after?

spinning frame, spinning Jenny

Name five causes of the revolution?

farming improvements, enclosure movement, new machines, parliments support of free enterprise, western ideas support industries

What was the cottage industry like?

few quality goods made by hand, people worked at home, and people decided own hours

What were factories like?

mass production of goods, people worked in factories, people worked long hours in harsh conditions

What is communism? Who invented it?

government owns means of production and controls economic planning, Karl Marx

What is socialism? Who invented it?

society of governments own the means of production, Robert Owen

What is capitalism? Who invented it?

economies are controlled by markets, Adam Smith

What are five effects of the revolution?

overcrowding and pollution, rise of middle class, rise of industries,new machines, new ideas in economies

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