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Wednesday Wars Questions

What happened when Mrs. Baker asked Holling to clean out the rats' cage in the classroom?
The rats escaped.
What happened to the twenty-four cream puffs that Holling brought to school for his class?
The rats ate the cream puffs.
What kind of boy did Mr. Goldman say that he needed?
a boy who knows Shakespeare
True or False: Holling's parents came to watch his performance in the Holiday Extravaganza.
True or False: Holling played the part of a fairy in the Holiday Extravaganza.
True or False: Baker's Emporium was closed when Holling arrived to get Mickey Mantle's autograph.
True or False: Mickey Mantle would not sign Holling's baseball.
How did Mrs. Baker decorate her classroom in December?
She didn't decorate.
How did Holling get revenge on Doug Swieteck's brother?
Holling threw a snowball and broke Doug's nose.
What did Mr. Guareschi do when there was a huge snowstorm?
He refused to cancel school.
How did Holling save his sister's life?
He prevented her from getting hit by the school bus.
What happened when Holling took Meryl Lee to Woolworth's on Valentine's Day?
Holling told Meryl Lee all about his father's building model.
What happened when Mr. Guareschi and school board members came to observe Mr. Baker's class?
Sycorax and Calliban fell through the ceiling tiles.
What happened on opening day at Yankee Stadium?
Holling's father didn't pick him up from school.
Why did Holling's sister leave home?
She wanted to find herself.
What happened to Mrs. Baker's husband?
He was missing in action but found and rescued.
True or False: On the camping trip, Danny was bitten by a snake.
True or False: On the camping trip, Mrs. Bigio asked Mai Thi if she would like to live with her.