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Chapter 10 Test Review

American Republic Growth and Expansion
What was the name of the new revolution that had begun?
Industrial Revolution
Name one change that occurred during the Industrial Revolution?
people moved from farms to cities
What could a factory worker do with a spinning jenny?
spin several threads at once
What kind of power was used to power a spinning jenny ?
What is the definition of the term, capital?
Money for investment
What did the factory system bring together?
Workers and Machinery
Who invented the cotton gin?
Eli Whitney
What did the cotton gin do?
Remove seeds from cotton
How did Eli Whitney speed up production?
having machines manufacture each part
Why did mill owners use mostly women and children workers rather than men?
pay women and children half of the amount they would have to pay men
Name one hazard found in a city?
What record did Robert Fulton's steamboat break?
it traveled 300 miles from New York City to Albany
What canal was started in 1817?
Erie Canal
Who spoke about living in the South?
John C. Calhoun
Who spoke about living in the North?
Daniel Webster
What is a Creole?
People with French and Spanish descent.
Who were the "Black Seminoles?"
Escaped Slaves
What doctrine said, that the United States would not interfere in the affairs of European nations or European colonies in the Americas. At the same time, he warned European nations not to interfere with the newly independent nations that were formed in Latin America.
Monroe Doctrine