Chapter 10: Drug & Prescription Records

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Schedule I:
-High abuse potential
-Listed medical use; with special permission these drugs can be used for research
-Use leads to severe dependence
-Must be ordered on a DEA form only by certain qualified medical researchers

Schedule II
-High abuse potential
-Limited medical use in the U.S.
-Severe psychic and/or physical dependence
-DEA order form for Rx (triplicate) handwritten by physician, no refills
-No refills by telephone
-Rx must be filled within a specific time period (6 mons in CA, 7 days in some states)
-In emergency, physician may telephone or fax Rx, but written Rx must go to pharmacy within a specific time period (72 hours in CA)
-Records retained in separate file

Schedule III
-Lower abuse potential than in Schedules I and II
-Moderate to low physical dependence; high psychological dependence
-May contain limited quantities of substances from Schedules I and II
-Written or verbal (phoned-in) Rx by physician only
-Refillable up to five times in 6 months

Schedule IV
-Lower abuse potential than in Schedule III
-Limited physical or psychological dependence
-Rx may be written by healthcare worker but signed by physician
-Rx may be phoned in by healthcare worker under order of the physician
-Refillable up to five times in 6 months

Schedule V
-Lower abuse potential than in Schedule IV
-a limited physical or psychological dependence
-State laws vary--may require Rx or may be sold over the counter
-Purchaser must be 18 years old and sign Exempt Narcotic Registration Form with the pharmacist in some states