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Augustus of Primaporta

statue of Octavian and Cupid

Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius

bronze over-life size sculpture of a man in a horse with a gesture of pardon

Temple of Augustan Peace

Marble boxlike altar, that was restore in later years

Column of Trajan

Served as propaganda for the celebration of the defeat of Dacians


Center of commerce trade and life of the city of Rome


at one point it held ship battles and the Roman games that lasted for up to 200 days


temple of all the gods


Used for all the bussiness and laws

First style of painting

stucco and paint imitated expensive marble

Second style of painting

Architectual illusionistic vistas

Third style of painting

a small picture in the middle

Fourth style of painting

incorporated all styles into one

Arch of Constantine

triple-bayed arch near the colosseum

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