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The Hawthorne Effect


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Who led led the study the Hawthorne Effect?
Professor Elton Mayo and protégé Fritz J. Roethlisberge, and Dickson
What did the study focus on?
the questions and theories it generated about the relationship of productivity to the needs and motivations of the industrial worker.
What is the Hawthorne Effect regarded as?
Regarded as the phenomenon in which subjects in behavioral studies change their performance in response to being observed.
What was done in the experiment?
changed the lighting - independent variable, to see if the productivity increased.
Results of the study?
Hard to study when results are biased, the participants knew they were being studied.
Where did this study take place?
Hawthorne plant of the Western Electric Company in Cicero, Illinois.
What did the Hawthorne Plant commission?
A study to see if its workers would become more productive in higher or lower levels of light
Psychological effects as independent variables
breaks, group pressure, working hours, managerial leadership.