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cell membrane

cell's surface that acts as a barrier between the inside of the cell and the cell's environment


one of the small bodies that are found in the cytoplasm of a cell and that are specialized to perform a specific function


a single-celled organism that has NO nucleus nor membrane-bound organelles


in a eukaryotic cell, a membrane -bound organelle that contains the cells DNA and acts as the brain of the cell


an organism made up of many cells that have a nucleus and membrane-bound organelles


the region of the cell within the membrane, is a fluid-like matrix that the organelles float in

endoplasmic reticulum

a system of membranes found in the cells cytoplasm that assists in the production, processing, and TRANSPORTS of proteins, lipids, and other cell products


a fluid-filled vesicle found in the cytoplasm of plants or some protists that stores water, salts, and other ions


in eukaryotic cells, the organelle surrounded by 2 membranes and is the site of cellular respiration where energy is made; POWERHOUSE of the cell

golgi apparatus

cell organelle that helps make and PACKAGE materials to be transported out of the cell


a cell organelle where protein synthesis occurs


an organelle found in plant and algae cells where photosynthesis occurs


organelle in animals that has digestive enzymes and BREAKS DOWN WASTE to be removed from the cell


organelle located near the nucleus of animal cells and helps organize cell division


threadlike structures in the nucleus that contains genetic information

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