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  1. Nineveh is capital, crushed Phoenicians, captured 40 cities of Judah- over 200,000 hebrew were marched into captivity, layed siege to jerusalem but was stopped by- epidemic-revolt- or field mice, was assassinated by result of palace conspiracy
  2. tried to invade egypt but it was too far away from home, rebuilt city of Babylon, voluntarily retired
  3. wrote poem "Destruction of Sennacherib"

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  1. Sargon IIlaid siege to Samaria, ordered that 27290 be deported out- called the Lost Tribes of Israel, Assyrians married Hebrews and their descendants were known as Samaritans


  2. Assurnasirpalempire at peak reaching from the Nile valley to the Caucasus mts, had extensive royal library with hymns, 22,000 clay tablets, dictionaries, grammars, treatises on astrology and medicine, lists of kings, chronicles of events, and myths