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  1. trait
  2. homozygous
  3. allele
  4. what is plasma?
  5. what does TT stand for?
  1. a any of the alternate forms of genes that occurs at a specific pole on chromosome.- responsible for alternate traits
  2. b characteristic that is inherited.
  3. c characteristic of having tow of the same alleles at the saw locus of sister chromatids.
  4. d TT stands for homozygous dominant and purebred dominant.
  5. e the fluid portion mainly water(clots blood) 55%

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  1. heterozygous indivisual expresses both alleles.
  2. collection of all an organisms physical characteristics.
  3. not expressed unless two copies are present in an organisms genotype.
  4. -the two genes for each trait separate when the gametes are formed.
  5. type of organism whose ancestor are in a genetic uniform.

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  1. What does Tt stand for?heterozygous or hybrid


  2. what is a karyotype?all are homologous
    22 pairs of autosomes and 1 pair of sex chromosomes


  3. what does the y chromosome carry? and who does it only affect?sex linked traits; only affects the male.


  4. What are most sex linked traits influenced by?the liklihood of an event occuring is not influenced by the outcome of earlier events.


  5. What is the probability of a coin landing tail (.5), for two coins to both land on tailsgenes for different traits can segregate indefinitly during the formation of gametes.