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  1. what is a poygenic trait?
  2. What are most sex linked traits influenced by?
  3. What did Gregor Mendel's experiment show?
  4. hybrid
  5. recessive allele
  1. a not expressed unless two copies are present in an organisms genotype.
  2. b -trait that is determined by the combinded effect of one or more genes. ex. human skin, hair, height, and eye color.
  3. c the x chromosme.
  4. d organism that contains both dominant and recessive alleles.
  5. e - he founded the principle of dominance that states one gene in a trait can prevent the other gene from being expressed.

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  1. -heterozygous individual shows a blend of two traits.
  2. Hemophilia.
  3. meiosis
  4. heterozygous indivisual expresses both alleles.
  5. occupies a specific location on a chromosome and determines a particular characteristic.

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  1. phenotypecollection of all organisms genetic makeup.


  2. f one generationnever mind


  3. genotypecollection of all organisms genetic makeup.


  4. what is a karyotype?the fluid portion mainly water(clots blood) 55%


  5. what is plasma?heterozygous indivisual expresses both alleles.