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sexually transmitted infections (STI's)

are infections or conditions that are spread primarily through sexual contact


This means an infected person may not have symptoms


its a virus that enters the body and weakens the immune system

oppertunistic infection

life theartening dieases


is a substance created by the immune system to fight viruses such as HIV


is a bacterial STI that is almost spread sexually

Pelvic inflammatory disease

is a condition in which a women's reproductive system becomes inflamed, irritated or infected


is an STI that is caused by bacteria

nongonococcal urethritis (NGU)

Caused by any number of bacteria and viruses

bacterial vaginosis

is the most common vaginal infection


Is a STI carried by a bacterium


is a painless sore located at the point of infection

genital herpes

is an infection caused by the herpes simplex virus

genital warts

are dry painless warts that grow on the reproductive organs


is an infection caused by protozoan

pubic lice

are parasites with gray divided bodies that are one to four millimeters long


is a skin infection caused by mites

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