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Symbol AL
One of the most common elements found in the crust common metal


Symbol Si
an element found in almost all rocks in the crust sand is made of silicon


Symbol Fe
element (atom type) found in the core of the earth and used widely for most metal needs. Common metal


like a liquid-could be flowing like a gas (air) or melted rock as in the upper


find grained black or gray rock which makes up the oceanic crust. Very dense


rock that makes up most of the continents. Less dense than basalt. Cools slower than into rock when formed which allows for larger crystals


the ability to float; strongly related most to density


easily cracked or broken(like uncooked ramen noodles)


a long cloud of smoke or vapor (or hot rock) resembling a feather as it spreads from its point of origin


the cycle created by rising and falling material caused by temperature (and therefore density) changes

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