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Does the inferior vena cava recive veins from gastrointersinal tract, spleen, pancrease, and galbaldder?


Where do gastrointerstinal tract, spleen, and pancreas drain into

hepatic portal system

What veins create the hepatic portal system?

superior messenteric and splenic

Where does the hepatic portal system recieve blood from?

Gastrointerstinal organs and spleen

Hepatic portal system deliver blood to..

Sinusoids of liver

Superior Messentric vein drains

Small intestine, portions of large intestine, stomach, and pancraes

Spenic vein drains

Stomach, pancras, large intestine

Inferior messentric vein drains

large intestine

Where do all the veins from the brain drain into?

Dural venous sinuses

What is the largest mass of lymphatic tissue in the body?


What passes through the hilum in the spleen?

Splenic artery and splenic vein

What's the structural portion of the spleen called?


What's the functional portion of the spleen called?


What tissues does the parenchyma consist of?

Red pulp and white pulp

What organisms does white pulp have?

lymphocytes and macrophages

What does red pulp have?

A lot of other things like splenic cord, contains macrophages, granulocytes

These are hormones that affect neighboring cells and thus not carried in bloodstream


These are chemicals/hormones that influence the behavior of individuals


These hormones bind to a receptor and form cAMP which activates other enzymes

Peptide Hormones

Lipids that enter a cell and effect gene activity thus affecting protein synthesis


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