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  1. apostate
  2. Rapacious
  3. didactic
  4. maudlin
  5. audacious
  1. a a person who forsakes his religion, party or cause
  2. b greedy
  3. c bold or daring
  4. d instructive; intending to teach a moral lesson
  5. e foolishly sentimental

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  1. harsh or severe
  2. cheerful readiness; willingness
  3. lacking something or having small quantity
  4. to remove or destroy totally
  5. reddish color

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  1. anachronisticpertaining to a person or thing that belongs in a different period of time


  2. arcaneknown or understood by few


  3. harangueknown or understood by few


  4. lugubriousbold or daring


  5. haplessunfortunate