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  1. Perspicacity
  2. recalcitrant
  3. apostate
  4. obsequious
  5. Upbraid
  1. a a person who forsakes his religion, party or cause
  2. b obedient, dutiful
  3. c keenness of mental perception and understanding
  4. d not obedient; resisting authority
  5. e reproachful; to find fault with

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  1. known or understood by few
  2. contemptuous; mocking; jeering
  3. harmful
  4. evenness of temper under stress
  5. learned, scholarly

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  1. haplessa place in which a colony of bees are kept


  2. audaciousgreedy


  3. irreverentdisrespectful


  4. sanctimoniousa hypocritical display of religious devotion or righteousness


  5. contentiousa troublesome obligation or responsibility