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Chromaffin Cells
Modified ganglionic sympathetic neurons
What does chromaffin cells synthesisze
Epinephrine and norepinephrine
What does fibrous peridcardium do?
Prevents overstretching, provides protection and anchors the heart in place
Parietal layer
Fused with fibrous pericardium
Viseral Layer (epicardium)
adheres to heart itself
Recives blood from beins draining on heart wall and myocardium
Coronoary sinus
First of two neurons in ANS is called
preganglionic neuron
Where is post ganglionic neuron
Outside the ANS
SNS ganglia
Cranial Sacrals
ANS ganglia
Tangled networks of axons
Autonomic Plexuses
What are major plexus
Cardiac and pulmonary
Swellings that release neurotransmitters