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Chromaffin Cells

Modified ganglionic sympathetic neurons

What does chromaffin cells synthesisze

Epinephrine and norepinephrine

What does fibrous peridcardium do?

Prevents overstretching, provides protection and anchors the heart in place

Parietal layer

Fused with fibrous pericardium

Viseral Layer (epicardium)

adheres to heart itself

Recives blood from beins draining on heart wall and myocardium

Coronoary sinus

First of two neurons in ANS is called

preganglionic neuron

Where is post ganglionic neuron

Outside the ANS


SNS ganglia

Cranial Sacrals

ANS ganglia

Tangled networks of axons

Autonomic Plexuses

What are major plexus

Cardiac and pulmonary

Swellings that release neurotransmitters


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