Chapter 50

Smoke, soot, asbestos, dust
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2035At current rates of clearing and degradation, the disappearance of the tropical rain forest biome may be complete by the year ______.250,000If one kind of plutonium isotope is not removed, the wastes from a nuclear power reactor must be kept out of the environment for many years before they are safe?LowNuclear power plants not energy productions is relativelyOxygen-demanding wastes Pesticides and industrial chemicals Nitrates and phosphates VirusesAfter secondary sewage treatment, the water may contain:Sulfur , fossil fuelsAcid rain occurs when______ released is burning____ combines with water in the atmosphere.Photochemical smogWhen the burning of fossil fuels in manufacturing plants gives off particulates and sulfur oxides we have_____.SulfurThe most harmful element in coal that causes serious pollution problems is_____.HydrocarbonsIn brown air fog, which substance combines with nitrogen dioxide in the sunlight to form photochemical smog?Cool, warmA thermal inversion refers to a layer of ____ air trapped underneath a _____ air blanket.Reduces, corrodes, diseasesAir pollution _____ visibility _____ buildings, caused various human ____ and damage plants.Suppression of the immunity system Decreased rates of photosynthesis Increased incidence of skin cancersWhat factors are correlated with a decrease in atmosphere ozone?Absorption of dissolved organic compounds Precipitation of suspended solids Reverse osmosisWhich processes are generally considered a component of tertiary waste water treatment ?100Fossil fuels will be commercially depleted within the next____ years.High concentration of sulfur oxides Dependence on fossil fuel for manufacturing Cold, wet wintersWhich factor are characteristics of a city primarily plagued by industrial smog?Plastic packaging Aerosol propellants Refrigeration coolantsUses of chlorofluorocarbons include :OvergrazingThe primary cause of desertification in the world today is _____ or marginal6For every million liters of water in the world, only_____ liters are in a form that can be used for human consumption or agriculture.AntarcticaThe atmosphere above which region is known to have a hole I. The ozone layer?Waste products from the burning of gasoline Waste products from the burning of coal Nitrogen fertilizersName substances that contribute ti acid rain.50 billionAbout how many beverage containers sold in the United States each year are nonreturnable cans and bottles, many of which are discarded in public places ?Los anglesList cites that have and are known for brown fogDecompositionThe soils in the tropical rain forest are nutrient poor because ____of organic matter is very rapid.Sunlight produces electricity which is used to produce hydrogen fuelThe concept of solar hydrogen energy can accurately to be described as:Toxic , lakes, belowAcid rain increases the mobility of___ heavy metals, is the major reason for the production of sterile ____around the world, has a pH ____ 7, and is primarily the result of industrial pollution.NonrecycledLandfills should contain___solid wastes.GrayIndustrial smog causes air to turn ___700,000In the United States, how many metric tons of pollutants ate discharged into the atmosphere each day?Nitric acidWhich acid is the most severe air pollutants?SmogWhen the burning of fossils fuels in vehicle engines give off articulates and nitric oxides, what results ?Production of sulfur oxides Amplification of the general warming trend of the earth Stripmining in fragile semiarid environmentsProblems associated with the extraction or use of coal as a large-scale source of energy include:SyntheticSubsistence agriculture does not utilize ____ fertilizersBiosphereChlorofluorocarbons are pollutants because biogeochemical mechanisms for their removal have not yet appeared in the____SunWhat is the most reliable source of energy for the next few hundred or thousands of years500,000How many trees are required just to print all the Sunday newspaper in the United States ?50%What percentage of urban wastes are paper products ?Raised water tables Increased food production Water logging of soilList results or effects of irrigation:Fossil fuelsThe unequal distribution of acid rain over the United States is closely correlated with ____IncreasedCarbon dioxide in the atmosphere has dramatically _____ in the last few decades21%Of the earths land what is the maximum percentage now being used for agriculture?100For a given crop yield, modern Agricultural practices require how many times more energy and mineral resources than is required by subsistence agricultural practices?Nitrogen and sulfurThe two chemical elements associated with acid deposition are ___Medicines, fuels, spices, resins, dyes, etc.Tropical plants or their products have provided humans with:CarbonateAcid rain is NOT a serous problem in some areas because of the presence of which substance in the soil?95%Using recycled paper could reduce the air pollution that results from paper manufacturing by:Increased, decreased, alteredDeforestation results in ____ air temperatures____ soil fertility, and_____ rainfall patterns.NortheastThe region of the United States most affected by acid rain is the ___Lung cancer, emphysema, bronchitis, burning eyesAir pollution may cause what physical ailments?EqualCarbon dioxide is pollutant because it cannot be recycled at a rate ____ to its present production.BrownTransportation-produced smog causes air to turn___