Exam 2 - PSYC 273

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Nervous system motor plans must balance a trade-off between
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Nervous system motor plans must balance a trade-off between
speed and accuracy.
On entering the spinal cord, the somatosensory projections ascend through the _______ system.
dorsal column
Biceps and triceps are
The SMA appears to be especially active
during the control of movements that are internally generated.
Phantom limb pain is an example of _______ pain.
Which statement best reflects the evolutionary advantage of sensory adaptation?
It prevents the nervous system from being overwhelmed by stimuli that offer very little information about the world.
Which portion of the body is represented most medially in the somatosensory cortex?
The _______ seems to be important in the initiation of movement sequences.
It is thought that acupuncture relieves pain by
activating endogenous opioids and through the placebo effect.
The band of the skin that is innervated by a single spinal nerve is called a
The _______ of a sensory neuron is the stimulus region that causes the cell to alter its firing rate.
receptive field
Lesions of the extrapyramidal system typically interfere with spinal reflexes by
exaggerating them.
Professional musicians who play string instruments have expanded cortical representations of their _______.
left fingers
When athletes work out to improve their stamina, one of the goals is to enhance their
slow-twitch muscle fibers.
Information about pain and temperature in the anterolateral system crosses the midline at the level of the
spinal cord.