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Vocabulary words and definition to vocabulary 12 P.S. Tristan Stovall knows about #8


n.) the act of asking humbly and earnestly; a prayer; a petition; an entreaty


adj.) easily springing back to an original form; flexible; recovering quickly; buoyant


adj.) causing disunity, dissension, or disputes; quarrelsome


n.) ruler with unlimited power; a dictator; a domineering person


n.) a place where public records or historical documents are kept; the records or documents kept in such a place; v.) to keep or store such records


v.) to prevent from accomplishing; to cause feelings of discouragement


adj.) unbreakable due to hardness; unrelenting; unyielding


v.) to put off until later; to delay without a good reason


v.) to make an enemy of; to oppose or counteract


adj.) arrogant; allowing no denial or refusal; absolute

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