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Biology Photosynthesis Quest

thylakoid membrane
location of Light-Dependent Reaction
location of Light-Independent Reaction
two high energy compounds produced during the light-dependent reactions are
structures in the leaf that allow for gas exchange
a series of electron carriers that move high energy electrons through the thylakoid membrane
what is the ETC and what does it do?
6H2O + 6CO2 + sunlight ---- C6H12O6 + 6O2
chemical equation for photosynthesis
ATP synthase
what is the name of the molecular complex that generates ATP
imbalance in the membrane which causes it to open
how is ATP synthase activated to generate ATP
adds energy to chemical bond
what is ATP
high energy electron carrier
what is NADPH
to capture light energy from the sun and transfer it to energy carriers
what is the purpose of the light-dependent reaction
it releases an electron, H+, and oxygen
why is the splitting of water important during photsynthesis
it is the enzyme that combines the carbon with the 5 carbon molecule RuBP
what is Rubisco and what does it do
it regenerates itself each cycle
why is the light-independent reaction called a 'cycle'
it is needed to combine with RuBP during the building of a glucose molecule
why is CO2 needed during photosynthesis
the splitting of water releases oxygen
how is oxygen produced during photosynthesis
to capture light energy and convert it to chemical potential energy
what is the purpose of photosynthesis