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ENSC exam 4

chapter 18 and 19
the destruction of the ozone layer primarily occurs in the
most of the weather of the world is based upon changes in the moisture, pressure, and/or temperature of the
winds we experience in our daily lives are mainly the result of
the movement of air between lower pressure and higher pressure regions
the jet streams in the united states generally flow from west to east because of
rotation of the earth
the 2007 report of the panel on climate change reported that global climate change is
certain and it is very likely that humans are to blame
which of the following gases has the greatest impact on global climate change?
carbon dioxide
which of the following activities have contributed the greatest amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere over the past 100 years?
increased reliance upon coal, oil, and natural gas
which one of the following best illustrates a type of mitigation in response to global climate change?
constructing and using wind turbines to generate electricity
which one of the following best illustrates a type of adaptation to global climate change?
building taller levees to hold back storm surges along ocean coastlines
which of the following illustrates a risk assessment of climate system change?
measuring levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
using ice core samples and analyses, researchers have discovered that over the past 800,000 years
there is a strong correlation between global temperatures and greenhouse gases.
London is located farther north than toronto, yet average temperatures in January are higher in London than toronto. london tends to be warmer in January because
warm ocean currents come past london
when an automobile heats up in bright sunlight with windows rolled up, the glass in the car functions most like
carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
which of the following has the highest albedo?
snow on top of ice on a pond
which on of the following has been declining globally over the past several decades?
pH of the worlds oceans
the most effective way to reduce GHG emissions is to increase
energy efficiency and renewable energy
Discussing the consequences of global climate change at a conference, representatives of a developing nation suggest that those nations that contribute the most greenhouse gases (GHGs) to the atmosphere should contribute the most to paying for adaptive responses worldwide. Further, this representative pointed out that her poor country contributes less than 1% of the annual GHGs and has less than 0.1% of the world's wealth. This representative's appeal represents
the polluter pays and equity principles.
The stabilization wedge approach attempts to
use multiple mitigation methods to stabilize carbon emissions at 2005 levels by 2055.
Which of the following illustrates an anthropogenic form of pollution?
sulfur dioxide released from a coal burning power plant
The abundant formation of hydroxyl radicals in the atmosphere
removes many common pollutants from the troposphere.
Which one of the following would help the most to reduce levels of photochemical smog in a city that frequently experiences this problem?
reducing the number of automobiles that burn gasoline
Atmospheric nitrogen is converted to nitrogen oxides
when fossil fuels are burned at high combustion temperatures.
Secondary air pollutants are formed by
primary pollutants reacting with other compounds in the atmosphere.
The 1970 Clean Air Act and subsequent environmental regulations have resulted in
reductions in lead by about 99%.
Acid rain concentrated in the eastern portions of the United States is primarily the result of
coal-burning power plants in the Midwest.
Which of the following is a secondary pollutant in the troposphere but beneficial component in the stratosphere?
Lakes that suffer from environmental acidification typically have
fewer animals and higher levels of heavy metals.
Which of the following is responsible for about half of all air pollution in the United States?
cars, trucks, and buses
Meeting higher CAFÉ standards in the United States will result in
better gas mileage and less air pollution.