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Insurance 7


A bed patient in a hospital is called.....


One who acts for the insured or the carrier in a claim is called


A request for payment under an insurance contractor bond is called a


Payment made periodically to keep an insurance policy in force is called


A person or institution that gives medical care is a


Specific hazards or perils listed in a insurance policy for which the insurance company will not pay is called


Benefits in the form of cash payments rather than services are called


An amount the insured must pay before the policy benefits begin is called


An organization that offers insurance against losses in exchange for a premium is called


Health insurance that provides protection against the high cost of treating severe or lengthy illnesses or disabilities is called


A patient preceiving abmulatory care at a hospital or other health facility without being admitted as a bed patient is called an

partial disability

An illness or injury that prevents an insured person from performing one of more of the functions of his regular job is called a

preexisting condition

A previous injury, disease or physical condition that existed before the health insurance policy was issued is called


One who belongs to a group insurance plan is called


A sum of money provided in an insurance policy, payable for covered services is called

coordination of benefits

To prevent the insured from receiving a duplicate payment for losses under more than one insurance policy is called


A requirement under a health care policy dicates that the insured be responsible for a percentage of covered services. This is called

elimination period

Peorid of time after the beginning of the disability for which no benefits are payable is called

major medical

Insurance designed to offset medical expenses resulting from catastrophic or prolonged illness or injury is called


An unexpected event which may cause injury is called

temporary disability

A doctor who agrees to accept an insurance companies preestablished fee as the maximum amount to be collected is called

permanent disability

An illness or injury that permanently prevents an insured person from performing their regular job is called a

usual, customary and reasonable

Insurance plans that pay a physician's full charge if it does not exceed his normal charge or does not exceed the amount normally charged for the service by other physicians in the area, and is otherwise reasonable is called

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