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to dance

caminar/ pasear

to walk


to collect

cultivar el jardín

to garden (flowers)

hacer crucigramas

to do crossword puzzles

ir a la ópera

to go to the opera

ir a un club

to go to a club

ir a un concierto

to go to a concert

ir a una conferencia

to go to a lecture

ir al ballet

to go to the ballet

ir al cine

to go to the movies

ir al circo

to go to the circus

ir al museo

to go to the museum

ir al parque (de atracciones)

to go to the (amusement) park

ir al teatro

to go to the theater

jugar (ue) a las cartas

to play cards

jugar (ue) al ajedrez

to play chess

jugar videojuegos

to play video games


arts and crafts

navegar por Internet

to surf the internet

sacar/ revelar fotos

to take/ develop photographs

tocar un instrumento musical

to play a musical instrument

ver televisión

to watch television

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