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texas population growth from 2000 to 2006

second most populous state

1994? trade


wealth poverty and economic growth Texas
Soverign nation economy?
Median house hold income?
National Median income?

771 bill
7th largest
37th out of 50

income differential
top 20
bottom 20
whose higher?
is it widening


Amt of a family of 4
texas poverty rate
national poverty rate
Ranking of poverty

Ranks 5th

health care
what percent of texans dont have it
national average
what is our ranking

ranks 1st in uninsured
Declining economy

what political culture do we have in texas

traditionalistic and individualistic

Purposes of constitutions

legitamacy, orginazation of government, providing power, limiting governmental power.

limiting government power
bill of rights what does it do
where is it in the us constitution (bill of rights)
where in the texas constitution (bill of rights)

protects against arbitrary governmental action in the constitution
first 10 amendments
it is the first article

What does the Texas constitution do

Provides for a bicameral legislature
seperation of powers
plural executive

How many constitutions have we had in texas
which one do we operate under and when was it set

we have had 6
we operate under the 6th created in 1876

history of constitutions in texas
when did the confederacy loose the civil war


history of constitutions in texas
to rejoin the Union under president Andrew Johnson all southern states had to craft new constitutions that

repealed succession
repudiated the war debt
recognized the supremacy of the U.S. constitution
Abolish slavery

history of constitutions in texas
Who took over the U.S. congress shortly after the cival war?

Radical Republicans

history of constitutions in texas
What did RR want to accomplish

a sweeping change in the south

history of constitutions in texas
what amendments had to be ratified so southern states could join the union?

14th and 15th that gave black males the right to vote, and wrote a new state constitution

history of constitutions in texas
When RR came to power in texas what?
What was the result of their actions?

texas was occupied by federal troops during reconstruction so they had to agree to the terms to be allowed back to the union
They made a newer constitution in 1869 (reconstruction) that represented humiliation and defeat to many texans

history of constitutions in texas
why during this time was elected governor that served in the union army?
What happend with him (or her) with the 1869 constitution

E. J. Davis, a radical republican
They became synonymous with each other

history of constitutions in texas
Who did davis lose reelection to
Who did the winner return power to and what did he do
What did the resulting delegates do

Richard Coke
To the democrats, and called for a new constitutional convention
they were elected state wide and converged on the convention

history of constitutions in texas
Constitutional convention delegates: people

some republicans
some african americans
mostly white democrats
largest group of interests were organized into what is known as the grange

the Grange?

sought to improve lives of farmers through debt relief
sought to draft a new constitution that would favor their interests and benefit them

General figures of the Texas constitution
# amendments


General figures of the Texas constitution
# of words
rank in nation of length

93,000 words
ranks the 2nd longest

General figures of the Texas constitution
what and how many articles does it contain

preamble and 16 articles and subsections

General figures of the Texas constitution
what are deadwood amendments

amendments that are ir were outdated and not enforced that are cleared out

when were deadwood amendments cleared out of the texas constitution

in 1977 and 1999

Characteristics of the 1876 Texas constitution

a lengthy constitution
a very restrictive constitution
provided for long ballot elections
shorter terms for elected officials
Restrictive government
Weakened governers office
weakened legislature
weakened judiciary branch
weakened local government

Restricting the governor
what 2 ways was governorship restricted?

shorter term
part of a plural executive(weakened)

Restricting the legislature

limited to biannual sessions
140 day session
Restricted scope of policy making and authority
required budget balance unless 4/5 of membership agreed to deficit spending

restricting judicial branch

-judicial courts were split into 2 systems (criminal and civil)
-Provided for the election of judges
-shortened their terms
-long detailed constitution left little room for interpretations by judges

Similaraties of Texas constitution To the U.S. constitution

Bill of rights
seperation of powers
bicameral legislature

Differences of Texas constitution To the U.S. constitution

-tx version considerably longer and more complex
-bill of rights in longer in texas with 29 amendments
-convers the right to trial by jury for even traffic violations
-includes Texas Equal Rights Amendment ensuring equality under law
-must do constitution vs. cant infringe constitution

What 3 ways can a constitutional change occur

-pratical experience(national)
-judicial interpretation(national)

In the process of changing a constitutional amendment what must be done?

must be approved by 2/3rds of each house
to get approval it must get a simple majority vote by voters in an election

The Texas legislature
membership requirements in the house
how old
how long must you be a resident of that state
how long must you be a resident of the district youre elected

resident of state for 2 years
resident of district for 1 year

The legislature
membership requirments in the senate
how old
resident of senatorial district elected

26 years
5 year qualified voter
resident of senatorial district for 1 year

Functions of legislative bodies (h/s)

-make laws
-constitutional amendments
-court orginazation and procedures
-resolve election disputes
-educate and inform public

Legislative structure
when are elections held

november general elections every 2 years

Legislative structure
how many member districts
term limits?
how do they fill vacancies

single member district
no term limit
special elections

Legislative structure
how many legislative sessions
how many days
what kind of legislature is it

2 biannual
140 days
bicameral (h/s)

Legislative structure texas
house member term length
how many members

2 years

Legislative structure texas
senate member term length
how many members

4 years

Special sessions
how are they called
who sets the agenda
how long does it last
can they be back to back?

by the governor
the governor
30 days

Compensation for house and senate
a year
daily expenditures

128 a day

who is the presiding officer of the house

speaker of the house

who is the prisiding officer of the senate

Lt. governor, who takes the governor office of vacant

How does a bill become a law

introduction and referal
committee action
floor action
(repeat 1-3 of not done in opposing chamber
confrence committee

Characteristics of republicans

status quo
traditional values
free market
-corporate welfare
stiffer penatilities for criminals

Characteristics of democrats

supportive of civial rights
social welfare
labor rights

minor parties are?

reform parties
little succes in state offices
enjoy success in local and county offices

History of texas political parties
when texas joined the u.s. what was their political party
what was their political party factions
after admission what did they do

they did not have a formal political party
pro-houston, anti-houston
-gravitated to democratic party because they supported slavery and the admission of texas into the union

why did the one party south occur in texas

backlach against republicans in the south
republicans were the party of lincoln
pains of reconstruction
anger over governor E. J. Davis

happening in the one party south
what happend rather quickly
what were the dominant factions in the 1930s and 1940s
what did liberal d's support and conservative d's oppose

factions developed within the democratic government
liberal and conservative
major political and social upheaval
the New Deal and its Programs

Time lime for party factions

liberal d's
conservative d's
liberal d's
conservative d's begin to leave party for republican and independent parties
republican party becomes viable for the first time in 100 years

political parties in texas
what was permanent?

precinct chair
2 county executive committees
county chair
state exuctive committee
state chair
vice chair

political parties in texas
what was temporary

precinct convention
county or senatorial district convention
June state convention

state party originazation in texas

precinct=>county or district=>state=>national

what is done in state conventions

certify candidated for general election
high ranking state political officials give speeches to energize their supporters
vote on a party platform

Permanent party hierarchy

precinct chairpersons=>county executive committee=>state executive committee

duties of precinct chair

run precinct operations and elections

duties of county executive committees

recieves filling petitions and fees form primary election candidates for countrywide offices
responsible for placing their names on ballots

duties of state executive committees

responsible for certifying statewide candidates, promote the party, arrange state party conventions
-are county committee men and women from each of the 31 senatorial districts and they party chair and vice chair

what are the qualifications of governor and Lt. governor

30 years of age
must be a citizen of the united states
5 years of texas residency before election

Term for governor and Lt. governor
under 1876 constitution
under 1972 amandment
when did it go into effect

2 year term
extended to 4 year term
came in to effect in 1974

line of succession on governors office
how many days is it fulfilled

-lt. governor takes governors spot and senate votes for a new lt. governor
-30 days of office vacancy

seven roles of governor

cheif executive
cheif legislator
commander in cheif
cheif of state
cheif of intergovernmental diplomat
cheif of party
leader of the people

Cheif of executive

while they are the cheif executive they have to share power with other executives
plural executive
there are 5 other elected executives

powers of cheif executive


who does he cheif executive (governor) appoint

relatively weak power
plural executive is elected
lt. governor, comptroller, attorney general, agricultural commissioner, Commissioner of the General Land Office

cheif of executive (governor)
his power is?
who can he remove
who cant he remove

his power is limited
he can remove those that have been appointed, and staff members and a few executive directors
cant remove appointees to boards and commissions that they did not appoint, and cannot remove elected officials

Budget power
Cheif of executive (governor)
two budgets are prepared for the legislature by

relatively weak power
the governor, and the Legislative Budget Board

cheif of executive (governor)
what all can it do
what cant it do

-it can remit fines or bond forfeitures, restore a drivers or hunting liscence, revoke parole or conditional pardon
-it cannot give full and conditional pardons, communication, reprieves, or emergency reprives without recomendation of the board of paardons and paroles

the cheif of legislature (governor) has 3 formal powers, what are they?

message power
session power
veto power

Session power
Cheif of legislature (governor)
what kind of power does it have
what do those powers entitle
how long are sessions

it has a strong power
the powers entitle the ability to call special sessions and set the agenda for the session
sessions are only 30 days but can be successive

Veto Power
Cheif of legislature (governor)
what happens if the governor vetos a bill
what happens if the session for the bill is done
occurance of vetos

if he vetos a bill during the session a 2/3 vote of both house and senate can override it
If the session is done it cannot be overridden
overridden vetos are rare

Texas judiciary
classifications of criminal crimes
petty crime?

class a-c
a is the most serious
c is the least serious

Texas judiciary
classification of criminal crimes
Serious crime

capital felony, 1st-4th degree felonies
capital felony is the most serious
4th degree felony is the least serious

texas judiciary
Basis for appeal:
in criminal cases who can appeal

the court failed to follow procedures, and incorrect application of the law
in criminial cases only the defendant can appeal

Players in the judicial system
there is 2 and what do they do

attorney general (AG)
-elected statewide
-part of the plural executive
texas's cheif lawyer
-represents the state in lawsuits
-represents the state as a whole in federal court cases

the court system (six tiers)

municipal courts
justice courts
county courts
State Trial Courts: The District Courts
Intermediate State Appellate Courts: The Courts of Appeals
Highest State Appellate Courts
-Court of Criminal Appeals and The Supreme Court

juvenile justice
Juvenile court cases are heard under what?

the family law code which is a civil code rather than criminal

juvenile justice
Why do they hold hearings?

to determine if the accused has engaged in deliquent conduct or in need of supervision

juvenile justice
What does the court consider

both the saftey of the community and the best interests of the child

juvenile justice
in juvenile cases who has considerable leeway

the judge has considerable leeway

juvenile justice
what does the judge have the option and power to act out as punishment

suspend liscense, order the payment of restitution, require community service, or they can send the offender to a community rehabilitation facility or alternative school.
repeat offenders are sent to the Texas Youth Commission

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