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medical terminology chapters 2 and 3 insurance handbook chapters 1 and 4


protrusion of all or part of an organ through the wall of a cavity that contains it.


stretching of a structure


another term for cancer


stopping or controlling


the branch of medicine concerned with the administration of drugs or agents that produce loss of feeling


physician who specializes in intestinal and gastric disorders


opposite of malignant


inflammation of the appendix


removal of the tonsils

anti convulsive

an agent that is used to prevent convulsions


a term that does not contain a prefix that indicates location


a malignant, pigmented tumor


increased pulse rate


record produced in electrocardiography


it is commonplace to find administrative duties shared by a number of specialists in the physicians office


in a medical practice, front office duties have lost importance


rules of etiquette for e-mail and cell telephone calls fall under the health insurance portability and accountability act.

cash flow

the actual money available to a medical practice.

diagnostic and procedure coding must be reviewed for its correctness and completeness

front office medical duties have become increasingly important because...

billing specialist

is entrusted with holding patients' medical info in confidence, collecting monies, and being a reliable resource.

notify your physician

what should you do if you discover that a patient of your physician employer is under the care of another physician for the same ailment?

eHealth Code of Ethics

internet health care coalition has developed...


to report incorrect information to a Medicare fiscal intermediary is...


obtaining and recording patient data using a questionnaire before that person's first visit is known as..


the key to substantiating procedure and diagnostic code selections for appropriate reimbursement is a supporting medical record.


A problem focused examination is more complex than a detailed examination


A consultation make take place in a home,office, hospital, or extended care facility.

edit check

a good audit prevention measure to have in place is...

supporting documentation in the health record

the key to substantiating procedure and diagnostic code selections for proper reimbursement is...

patients medical record, appointment book, and the financial record or ledger card.

when a patient fails to return for needed treatment, documentation should be made in...

cross out the incorrect entry, substitute the correct info, date, and initial the entry.

How should a patients medical record be corrected?

final diagnosis, operative notes, & discharge summaries

the official American Hospital Association policy states that "abbreviations should be totally eliminated from the more vital sections of the record, such as the"


underlying diseases or other conditions present at the time of the visit

medical necessity

criteria used by insurance companies when making decisions to limit or deny payment in which medical services or procedures must be justified by the patient's symptoms and diagnosis

family history

review of medical events in the patients family, including diseases that may be hereditary, is know as...

chief complaint

CC stands for...


a disease that runs a short but relatively sever course is referred to as...


a disease that persists over a long time

within normal limits

WNL is the abbreviation for...

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