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Although often the target of public scorn, bureaucracy

is essential to the operation of all governments.

According to Max Weber, bureaucracy is characterized by all of the following EXCEPT

rewarding of political loyalty

Hiring and advancement by merit replaced ________ in American government.

the spoils system

Which piece of legislation limited the political involvement of civil servants in order to protect them from political pressure and keep politics out of the bureaucracy?

The Hatch Act

Which of the following terms refers to the complex procedures and regulations surrounding bureaucratic activity?

Red Tape

What is the key difference in accountability between private bureaucracies and public bureaucracies?

Private bureaucracies have clearer goals and consequently have clearer lines of accountability than do public bureaucracies.

Which of the following is NOT a reason why the federal bureaucracy has grown over time?

To respond to the increasing power of the state governments

The U.S. Postal Service is an example of

a government-owned corporation

Along with administrative and rulemaking powers, bureaucratic agencies also have

judicial powers

Which of the following is NOT an effect of having rules govern and determine bureaucratic actions?

Efficiency is increased

Which of the following is a characteristic of a bureaucratic culture?

Bureaucrats tend to identify with their particular agency, and because of their expertise in the area, they are typically committed to that agency's particular policies.

Individuals who publicize instances of government corruption or incompetence are called

whistle blowers

Conflict between presidential appointees and the rank-and-file civil servants in a bureaucratic agency often occurs when the

appointee's ideology differs from the central mission of an agency

Career civil servants often refer to presidential appointees as "birds of passage" because

presidential bureaucratic appointees regularly come and go

According to the textbook, the president's use of his veto power to control bureaucratic agencies

is generally not very effective

The ______ required that bureaucratic meetings be open to the public.

sunshine laws

What have the Freedom of Information Act and sunshine laws done for citizens' accessibility to bureaucratic decision-making?

they are examples of how the public ha gained increased access to bureaucratic policymaking in recent decades

In what way do bureaucrats challenge the authority of the president, even though he is their "boss?

Bureaucrats often have established relationships with interest groups and are committed to particular policies, so they can thwart a president's plan to change policies

Which of the following is a characteristic of a bureaucratic culture?

Bureaucrats tend to identify with their particular agency and, because of their expertise in the area, they are typically very committed to the particular policies of that agency.

Congress creates government-owned corporations to provide goods and services that

are not profitable for a private business to provide

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