Important History Dates

8000 BCE
Agricultural Revolution
3100 BCE
Menes (Narmer) unites upper and lowe Egypt
2500 BCE
Egyptian, Mesopotamian, and Indus Valley Civilizations reach their peak
1790 BCE
Hammurabi of Babylon
1700 - 1027 BCE
Shang Dynasty (China)
1027 - 256 BCE
Zhou Dynasty (China)
1400 BCE
Hittites introduce the use of iron into Mesopotamia
669 - 627 BCE
Ashurbanipal / Assurbanipal of Ninevah
600 BCE
600 BCE
Zoroaster (Zoroastrianism, a monotheistic religion)
550 BCE
Cyrus the Great
500 BCE
Darius establishes a great empire in Persia
500 BCE
Confucius (China)
500 BCE
500 BCE
500 BCE
Iron emerges in China
500 BCE
Latins break free from the Etruscans and become Romans
432 - 404 BCE
Peloponnesian War (between Athens and Sparta)
333 BCE
Alexander the Great
264 - 146 BCE
Punic Wars (Carthage and Rome)
321 BCE
Chandragupta Maurya unites northern India and begins first great Indian empire --> Mauryan Dynasty
200 BCE - 200 CE
Han Dynasty (China)
March 15, 44 BCE
Julius Caesar's assasination
284 CE
Diocletian divides the Roman Empire into the eastern and western halves
313 CE
Edict of Milan (Emperor Constantine)
320 CE
Gupta Dynasty emerges with Chandra Gupta
476 CE
Final fall of western half of the Roman Empire
622 CE
Hijrah (Muhammad)
732 CE
Battle of Tours --> Charles Martel and the Franks stop Muslim expansion into Western Europe