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Scholz Social Studies Ch 5

Ch. 5 Social Studies TEST practice and prep
Explorers hoped to find a Northwest Passage that would lead them
through North America to Asia
Why did the Spanish attack Fort Caroline?
They did not want the French to challenge their rule in America.
Why did many American Indians die from contagious diseases?
They were exposed for the first time to some kinds of sicknesses.
What was the first permanent European settlement in the U.S.?
St. Augustine
Why did the rulers of Spain want a shorter route to the East Indies?
to get silks and spices
Which river did La Salle explore?
How is a colony different from other places in which people settle?
It is ruled by another country.
Which man explored what is now the southwestern United States?
Juan Ponce de Leon looked for what?
the fountain of youth
Most expeditions took place when?
from 1500 to 1600
Hernan Cortes fought against who?
the Aztecs in Mexico
Which men explored before 1500?
Christopher Columbus and John Cabot
Whose expedition took place soon after Jacques Cartier's voyage?
Francisco Vasquez de Coronado