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For specific words, list the masculine form followed by the feminine form unless both the forms are the same.

el cacto

the cactus

el desierto

the desert

la flor silvestre

the wildflower

el guacamayo

the macaw

el jaguar

the jaguar

la caza

the hunt

la deforestación

the deforestation

la fauna

the fauna

la selva

the jungle

el águila

the eagle

el ajuste

the adjustments


to adjust

el aliado, la aliada

the ally

la bandera mexicana

the Mexican Flag

el centauro

the centaur



el resto

the rest, remainder, residue

la serpiente

the snake, the serpent

árido, árida


adelantado, adelantada


aterrador, aterradora



fearful, terrible


to disappear


to devour


to join

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