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Introduction to Geography

Quiz chapter 11
Central place theory assumes
consumers will purchase goods and services from the nearest store
In central place theory, threshold refers to
the minimum number of consumers necessary for the supply of a product or service
Basic to the well-being of any urban settlement is
an efficient transportation system
The estimated urban share of the world population today is approximately
50 percent
In the social area analysis of cities, social status is based on all the following factors EXCEPT
The continuously built-up landscape with no reference to the political boundaries that limit the legal city of which it is the extension is called the
urbanized area
The main shopping and financial heart of a city is called the
central business district
The movement of middle-class people to deteriorated portions of the inner city and restoration of deteriorated housing is called
The urban share of the total population is highest in
North America and Western Europe
The three most dominant world cities are
London, Tokyo, New York