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5th or 6th amendment? must be indicted by a grand jury for serious charges.


5th or 6th amendment? protection from being in double jeopardy - put on trial 2 times for the same crime


5th or 6th amendment? can't be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process.


5th or 6th amendment? can't be forced to testify against yourself (self incrimination)


5th or 6th amendment? private property can't be taken without paying for fair price. - eminent domain.


5th or 6th amendment? right to a speedy and public trial


5th or 6th amendment? impartial jury of people from the area where the crime was committed.


5th or 6th amendment? told the carges against you


5th or 6th amendment? right to question witnesses against you


5th or 6th amendment? process to force witnesses in your favor to testify


5th or 6th amendment? right to a lawyer


you have the right to a jury trial in a civil case if the amount in question is

$20 or more

protections against the gov. from taking away our freedoms in the Bill of Rights.

Civil Liberties

government taking positive steps to make sure that all people have the same rights

Civil Rights

all rights have their limits. what determines these limits?

the supreme court interprets the rights.

Process of Incorperation

14th amendment

Smith Act

illigal to say, advocate, etc... the overthrow of the government

Espionage Act

crime to say or do anything that the government doesn't like written or spoken.

seditious speech

advocating or urging people to take such actions

not protected by the first amendment

sedition act

crime of attempting to overthrow the government by force or to disrupt its lawful activities by violent acts

true or false - there may be prior restraint on press


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