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The first of Islam's Five Pillars.The profession of faith. "There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the Prophet of God."


The second of the Five Pillars of Islam. Daily prayer 5 times a day facing towards the city of Mecca.


The third of Islam's Five Pillars.The tax on the community for the benefit of the poor.


The fourth of Islam's Five Pillars. A monthof fasting from dawn to dusk, in recognition of the gift of the Koran.


The fifth of the Five Pillars of Islam. Make a pilgrimage at least once in life.


The Arabic word for "God" according to the Islam religion.


The religious faith of the Muslims, including belief in Allah as the sole god and in Muhammad as his prophet. Literally means "Submission to the will of God."


A follower of Islam. It literally means "One who submits to the will of God."


The prophet of Islam, to whom the angel Gabriel conveyed the word of God in the form of the Koran.


Man who will be the religious and, therefore, political leader of Islam. Sinnis and Shiites disagree on his elction. There are NONE at the present.


The most sacred city of Islam. Birthplace of Muhammed, location of the Kaaba, and destination of the Hajj.


The literal and figurative focus of Muslim prayer. The cubical structure located in the courtyard of the mosque in Mecca.


The holy book of Islam. Believed by Muslims to contain God's final revelations.


Book that contains the sayings and teachings of Muhammad. Along with the Koran, it forms the basis of Muslim law and life.


A Muslim temple or place of public worship.


The prayer leader of a mosque.


One of the two major divisions of Islam. Believe the caliph should be democratically elected. Make up the majority of the world's Muslims. More open to western ideas and government.


One of the two major divisions of Islam. Believe the caliph should be a direct bloood decendent of Muhammad. 2nd largest group of Muslims in the world.Supports "martyrdom" and more radical of the two groups.


A religious leader among Shiite Muslims.


The holy war that is waged for Allah. A primary duty of all Muslims.

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