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Bible - Test 3

God's Steadfast Love
Example of Hesed
The 3 Gifts in the Wilderness
3 Gifts in the Wilderness
1) Sweet Water 2) Manna 3) Quail
Theophany at Sinai
Earthquake, Thunder, Lightening, Cloud, Trumpets, Boundary, Fire... Means it is now formal and you must follow rules to be qualified to talk to God.
God's Role:
Genesis: Parent.
Exodus: Warrior, Leader
Religious Syncretism
Blending of Religious Beliefs and Rituals
Why does Israel Hate Religious Syncretism?
G-d provides Religious structure. It can't be changed on whim.
Cult of Mithras
Cow slaughtered on top of Bridge with Open Slots. Person must bathe in and drink blood of cow.
Gospel: Matthew
POV: Jesus is rabbi, takes place of law in community, Jesus' fulfillment of scriptures.
Icon: Man w/ Wings. (NOT AN ANGEL) represents Jesus' Humanity.
Gospel: Mark
POV: Jesus is Messiah who will establish and rule the Kingdom of G-d. Supposed to be a secret till the end of the ministry.
Icon: Lion w/ Wings. Represents Royalty
Gospel: Luke
POV: Jesus is a universal savior. Stresses Jesus' Humanity towards Lower classes, Women, Sick, and Children.
Icon: Bull w/ Wings. Represents Sacrifice and Priesthood.
Gospel: John
POV: Jesus is a God on Earth. Uses Greek Philosophy to expres Christian Ideas.
Icon: Eagle. Represents that Jesus is all knowing.
Matthew's Nativity
There are 3 wise men because of 3 gifts:
1) Gold -> Gift for a King
2) Frankincense -> Incense used in religious ritual, indicates presence of divine.
3) Myrhh -> Used to anoint Dead Bodies
Matthew makes a strong connection between Jesus and Moses...
1) Both Survive Threats at Birth
2) Both Grew Up Safely in Egypt
3) Both Renewed the People's Relationship with G-d.
Luke's Nativity: Elizabeth
She was barren for a very long time. She teaches patience.
Luke's Nativity: Mary
She was pregnant, which was risky socially because she was not married. She teaches Trust, Faith, and Submission to G-d's plan.
Emphasis on Shepherds
Shepherds were not respected. If G-d pays attention to the shepherds, it means he's paying attention to everyone.
Kingdom of G-d
World of total peace and justice, personal, spiritual.
Kindgom of World
Political, materialistic.