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canada's five regions

English and French
Canada's Atlantic Region Main Languages
Mild Humid contential
Canada's Atlantic Regiona climate types
Ice Skating and Hockey
Atlantic Region Activities & Popular Sports
Lighthouses to Help Fisherman see better
Canada's Atlantic Region buildings
coal mining, farming, fishing
Atlantic Regions Economic activities
New Foundland, Prince Edward island, Nova Sctia New Brunswick
Atlantic Region Provinces Territories
2.3 million
Atlantic Region Population
Atlantic Region english spraking %
Quebec Ontario
Canada Core Region province Territories
Toronoto, Montreal The Capital city of Onawa
Canada Core Region Large cities
18.6 Million
Canada Core Region population
English french Chinese Italian
Canada Core Region languages
South: Humid continental North: colder with more rain
Canada Core Region climate
Boating Skating and Sleigh races
Canada Core Region sports
Farming Hydro electric power plants, computer companies banksCanada Core Region Economic activities
Canada Core Region Economic activities
Canada Core Region percent of english speakers
Alberta, Saskatchewan, manitoba
Canada Prairie Region province Territories
5 MillionCanada Prairie Region Population
Canada Prairie Region Population
Edmonton, Calvary
Canada Prairie Region Large Cities
Canada Prarie Region Man Languages
South: Semi Arid to humid continental
North SubarcticC
anada Prarie Region Climate Types
1000 Migratng Bears
Canada Prarie Region Activities and Popular Sports
Canada Prarie Region Polar bear Capital of the world
Silos and barns
Canada Prarie Region buildings
Farming , Mining, Oil Gas
Canada Prarie Region Economic Activities
Canada Prarie Region Percent of english speakers
British Columbia
Canada Pacific region Province territories include
Victoria, and Vancouver
Canada Pacific region Large Cities include
Canada Pacific region Main Language(s)
Marine West Coast
Canada Pacific region climate
Winter Surfing, sking on rocky and Coast mountains
Canada Pacific region activities and popular sports
Some Buildings look like castles
Canada Pacific Region Buildings
Forestry Fishing Metal and Coal Mining, shipping and Hydro electric Power Plants
Canada Pacific region Economic activities
Canada Pacific region Percent of English Speakers
4 million
Canada Pacific region population
Yukon Territory, Nunavut, Northwest territories
Canada Northern Region province territories
100,000 or .1 Million
Canada Northern Region population
Canada Northern Region Main Language
North Tundra
South Subarctic
Canada Northern Region Climate types
ATV racing instead of Dog Sledding
Canada Northern Region Activities and Sports
Canada Northern Region Buildings
hunting and gathering, Nomadic herding, mining and government
Canada Northern Region Economic activities
Canada Northern Region percent of english speakers