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computers,printers, and other devices


programs that provide instuctions for a computer


abilty to work with another program

software suite

a group of software programs sold as a single unit


screen elements that displays buttons for accessing office features and commands

Mouse pointer

a marker on your screen that shows you where the next mouse action will occur

scoll wheel

a wheel on some mouse devices used to navigate through documents on a screen


a mouse pointer shpae resembling the uppercase letter i


text or graphics set up to provide a direct connection with a destination location

current file

The file currently open and active


a list of commands and choices


a picture used to identify an element on screen


the area on screen where a program or document is displyed


a row of buttons used to select features and commands


input that tells the computer which task to execute


a menu that displays pictures instead of plain text options

dialog box

a window in which you select options that affect the way the program executes a command

task pane

a small window that displays additional options and commands

contextual tab

a ribbon tab that is only available ina certain context or situation

screen tip

a balloon containing information that is displayed when you rest your mouse pointer on certain screen elements


a type of command that can be switched off or on

shortcut menu

a menu of relevant commands that displays when you right click ad item

sub menu

a menu that is displayed when you select a command or another menu


a standard setting or mode of operation


enlarge a window so it fills the entire screen


hide a window so it appears only as a button on the windows task bar


return a minmized window to its previous size and position on the screen

group button

a task bar that represents all open windows for one application

active window

the window in which you are currently working


a world wide network of networks

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