14 terms

chap 7 faith vocab

A successor to the apostles who governs the local Church in a given diocese and governs the worldwide Church in union with the pope and the college of bishops; receives the fullness of Holy Orders.
Anointing of the Sick
sacrament of healing in which the Lord extends his loving, healing touch through the Church.
sacrament of Holy Orders
sacrament of apostolic ministry at the service of communion whereby Christ, through the Church, ordains men through the laying on of hands; includes three degrees.
sacrament of Matrimony
sacrament at the Service of Communion in which Christ binds a man and woman into a permanent covenant of love and life and bestows his graces on them to help them live as a community and as a loving family.
sacrament of Penance
Sacrament of Healing through which Christ extends his forgiveness to sinners, bringing about reconciliation with God and the Church; consist of the acts of the penitent and prayer of absolution.
prayer by which a priest, by the power given to the Church by Christ Jesus, pardons a repentant sinner.
Heartfelt sorrow and aversion for sins committed along with the intention of sinning no more; most important act of penitents.
Holy Communion received by dying persons to help them pass over to God in the afterlife.
extreme unction
last anointing
Third degree in the hierarchy of Holy Orders. Deacons are ordained ministers who assist bishops and priests in the celebration of liturgy, distribute communion, witness and bless marriages, proclaim and preach the Gospel, celebrate funerals, and perform various ministries of Christian charity all under the authority of their bishop.
Priests or members of the order of priesthood who are coworkers with the bishop and servants to God's people, especially in celebrating the Eucharist.
The state of being unmarried that priests and other religious choose in order to dedicate their lives totally to Jesus Christ and God's People.
Having more than one wife at the same time; distorts the unity of marriage, offends the dignity of women.
An official Church declaration that what appeared to be a Christian marriage never existed in the first place.