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Chapte 11 Ward

how did the popes end up in france
argueing between phillip and popes, Clement decided to have the papacy moved to france to aviod political issues
Who is Pope Boniface and what did he try to inforce
Pope that took over after the one year pope( Murrone)
Tried to enforce temporal authority
What was King Phillip also known as
Phillip the Fair
How did Phillip respond to Boniface
called a national council to condemn and depose the pope
Why was the papacy moved to france
Phillip was pressuring to have close friend elected and wanted to avoid political issues
how long were the pose in france? What was the issue with them being in France?
70 years
the independence of papacy was compromised
Why are third order Dominicans different
they dont have to take vows
What did St. Catherine of Siena do and what is she
convinced Gregory XI to return to Rome in 1377
worked toward healing the Western Schism
Doctor of the Church
Who did Urban the VI criticize
French Cardinals
Who did the French Cardinal elect
the antipope Clement VII
What did the election of the antipope Clement VII bring about
the Western Schism
What does the heresy Conciliarism believe
that the authoritys could appoint a pope
What was the result of conciliarism
there were now three claimants to the papacy
What did the Coucil of Constance do
it forced the pisan antipope to resign
Who did the Council of Constance elect as pope
Martin V
What did people in the Renaissance mainly focus on
man and our abilities
What did Martin Luther do and what was he originally
started the protestant reformation
a Catholic priest
What was Martin Luthers revolutionary thought and what does it mean
Sola Fidei- only by faith
Faith alone saves us
What is Sola Fidei
Sola Scriptura
Sola Gratiae
Only by Faith
Only by Scripture
Only by Grace
When did the Protestant reformation start
1517 posted 95 thesis on church door in Witenburg Germany
What did the church never condone
the selling of indulgences
What do catholics believe
that we are saved by faith alone
What did the church say about the 95 thesis
54 were correct but 41 were a heresy
Who exommunicated Martin Luther and when
Pope Leo X
What did John Calvin believe
ultimate authority is contained in the scriputers
Bible is only source of revelation
Sola Scriptura
What did Calvin Deny
all sacremental grace
What were the two issues that created the spread of protestantism
papal authority
King's Marriage
What did Henry VIII pass? What did it do?
Act of Supremecy- king was proclaimed to be the head of the church in England
What did the Act of Supremecy mean for the church
meant that the pope was no longer recognized as having any religiouse authority within England
What did the Act of Supremecy force everyone to do
take an oath of allegiance to the king
Who were two people who refused to take an oath to the king
St. John Fisther and St. Thomas More
What did St. John Fisher die
a martyr
St. Thomas More was a friend of whom
Henry VIII
How did they convict More and how was he killed
Used a false testimony
Was beheaded
What did More say right before he died
"I die the King's good servant, but God's first."
What happens because of Henry VIII
England becomes Protestant
Who created the Anglican Church
Henry VIII
What was the Council of Trent
The Catholic Counter Reformation
What were the two issues Trent concentrated on
restating doctrines and correcting abuses
What were the 5 doctrinal issues addressed at Trent
1.) The one deposit of faith is transmitted in Scripture and Tradition and is interpreted by the Magisterium
2.) Faith and Good Works are necessary for salvation
3.) All seven sacraments were instituted by Christ
4.) The sacrificial character of the mass
5.) Transubstantiation (real presence of Christ in Eucharist)
What did the council of Trent decide to build to correct abuses
Seminaries( for education, made requirements for ordination made clearer)