H English II The Citadel - Final Exam


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Andrew Manson
A young doctor from Scotland. He comes to Wales to work for Dr. Page, then moves to London where he starts his own practice and makes a big difference. He is extremely smart and wants to change the way things are done. In the end, he teams up with Denny and Hope to open their own practice at Stanborough and plan to transfer the British Medical Union.
Christine Barlow
In the beginning she is a teacher on Bank Street. When Andrew meets her she yells at him, but they end up falling in love and marry. She is very humble and loves Andrew but dies by a bus when she ran out to get cheese for Andrew.
Blodwen Page
Wife of Doctor Page. She is in charge of Dr. Page's medical profession and manages his finances. Has a big greed for money. She ends up marrying Aneurin Reese when her husband dies
Blanelly, Wales
a small mining town where Andrew originally begins working for Blodwen Page
Dr. Edward Page
a very sick doctor and the husband of Blodwen Page. It is his place that Andrew takes in Blanelly. This man had a stroke and is paralyzed completely on one side. His wife thinks he will continue to live and work again one day but of course this is impossible because he cannot walk. He dies due to hemorrhage
Dr. Gabell
the colored doctor from Toniglan who is suspected of having Mrs. Bramwell (a married woman) as his mistress.
Aneurin Reese
a worker at the bank in Blanelly who is supposedly keeping track of the Page's and therefore Andrew's finances. Andrew however greatly distrusts this man. He is the man that Mrs. Page ends up marrying
Mr. Watkins
a Welshman who is classically trained in many instruments and knows the music well so he views other music and other musicians as inferior
Enoch Davies
an old miner and Dr. Page's only real friend
Dr. Bramwell
an old doctor in Blanelly who doesn't seem to be smart enough to be a doctor. He is an odd man but very kind. He is oblivious to the fact that his wife, Gladys, is having an affair. This man is referred to in the novel as "the silver king"
Gladys Bramwell
wife of Dr. Bramwell who is supposedly cheating with Dr. Gabell
Dr. Griffiths
medical officer for the district that Blanelly is in. He is extremely lazy and only does what is asked of him when it concerns his job. He is the one who drove down to Blanelly when the sewer blew up
Dr. Phillip Denny
a highly qualified man who is a drunk and a very good friend of Andrew's who is the mastermind behind the blown sewer plan. By the end of the novel, he and Andrew along with Hope have formed a partnership and they go to break off from the corrupt London doctors.
Joe Morgan
Andrew delivers his baby dead. He puts the child in hot and cold water, and "brings it back to life" This man and his wife give Manson a check to show their appreciation
Alberalaw, Wales
neighboring coal mining town in South Wales coalfield. There Andrew obtains a post as assistant in a miner's medical aid scheme. There Andrew dedicates many hours to research lung disease caused by silica dust
Ben Chenkin
He asked Andrew to sign his unable to work certificate but Andrew refuses because he is completely eligible to work . This starts the town's hatred of Andrew because he is the father of Ed Chenkin, a powerful man.
Dr. Llewellyn
An established doctor at Alberalaw, Andrew is an assistant working under his supervision. This man takes 1/5 of every other Doctor's paycheck and Andrew tries to organize every other doctor to revolt against this (none of the others want to do so)
Ed Chenkin
Father of Ben Chenkin and a Committee member. Because Andrew rescinded Ben's unable-to-work certificate, Ed targeted Andrew for retaliation
Mr. Owen
Secretary of the Alberalaw Medical Aid Society. He was instrumental in Andrew's being selected to replace Dr. Leslie and also in Andrew's having patient's return their medical cards to him after the Chenkin incident.
Con Boland
Society dentist, 6 years in Aberlaw, makes gadgets. Has a wife, daughter is Mary(15), Terence (12) and 3 younger children. The only one who agrees with Andrew that they should retaliate against Llewellyn. His daughter ends up having TB
Mary Boland
daughter of Con. She is sick with tuberculosis Andrew gets her into the Victoria and put her into Thoroughgood's ward since Aberlaw is no place for her. Later Andrew takes her out and brings her to Richard Stillman at Bellevue and she is healed
Dr. Urquhart
Andrew's colleague in the West Surgery who smelled strongly oftabacco and medicine
Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn
the wealthy couple who become good friends of Andrew and Christine (Andrew resents their money) they own essentially the entire Aberalaw Company
Vale View
Andrew and Christine's home when Andrew is working in Aberlaw
Dr. Oxborrow
Doctor who works in East surgery with Dr. Medley; a large pasty man with pudgy finger and a jerky heartiness. He was an evangelist and extremely emotional
Dr. Medley
an older Doctor with a clever, sensitive face, and is deaf.
Dr. Glyn-Jones
Doctor at Cardiff University who taught Manson the specimins on the microscope slides so he could get his M.R.C.P
Dr. Challis
Professor who works at Cardiff University. informed Andrew that he would be offered the job of a full-time Medical Officer at the Coal Mines and Metalliferous Fatigue Board.
Sir Robert Abbey
3rd most distinguished physician in Europe. Examined Andrew when he was taking the M.R.C.P exam. Likes Andrew very much because he thought he was different and original. Andrew asked to help him find an outpatients hospital appointment and Robert recommends The Victoria Chest Hospital. He is Andrew's one influential friend in London and member of Board.
Freddie Hampton
Andrew's friend from college. Also a doctor who is very conceited and Christine doesn't like him. Lives at Queen Anne Street. Wants to form partnership with Andrew but Andrew refuses. He isn't a great doctor but he is very rich because he charges hypochondriacs to get shots with just water in them. He has no integrity for medicine, only a desire for money
Dr. Foy's Practice
The practice for sale in London at a baddish locality because the previous Dr. had died. Andrew offered 600 pounds for it and bought it.
Frau Schmidt
Fat little German woman. Her place is where Andrew and Chrisine bought cheap food in London. Andrew loves the cheese she has there. It was in front of her shop that Christine was hit by a bus
Toppy LeRoy
had spasms at Laurier's, Andrew helps her out and continues to be her doctor and is asked by her father to be the doctor for his company.
Victoria Chest Hospital
One of the oldest and most famous hospitals in London. Andrew began duties in the outpatients department there
Martha Cramb
Came to Andrew's practice. Her hands were covered by reddish dermatis like psoriasis. Andrew says the only way to get rid of it is by dieting so she does and 10 days later it is completely gone. She is the "Halfback" to juniors at Laurier's. Sturdy, unattractive, sexless, strange to be one of senior assistants, admirable saleswoman, highly valued by customers.
has smart gowns, exquisite undergarments, and expensive furs. It is a store down the street from where Christine and Andrew live.
Nurse Sharp
Middle aged, not beautiful with sour and capable expression. She is the one who tells Freddie that Andrew took Mary out of Victoria to Bellevue. She is Andrew's nurse but she hates him for making her do things that aren't technically part of her job description
Harry Vidler
Husband of Mrs. Vildler. He has a cystic condition and needs treatment right away. Ivory helps with case and brings Harry to Brunsland Nursing Home in Bruland Square. Ivory, with knife, incised cyst and it burst because he failed to reach the pedicle to ligature it. Cyst was hemorrhagic, kept bleeding, belly caved in and he died.
Frances Lawrence
Admired Andrew's work and knows he will make a crashing success. She has an affair with Andrew. She is very wealthy and married.