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Incas & Aztecs♥

during the post classical period, societies in the Americas
remained entirely separate from those of the Old World
which of the following was NOT a characteristic of american civilizations during the classical period?
monotheistic practices
the northern nomadic peoples wha entered central Mexico followin the decline of Teotihuacan were the
the Tolteccs capital was established at
What was the relationship between the Toltecs and their predecessors in central Mexico?
the Toltecs adopted many cultural features from their predecessors to which they added a strong militaryethic and human sacrifice
how did the Aztecs view the cultural achievements of the Toltecs?
as the givers of civilization
the Totec empire lasted until about what date?
After the sack of the Tula, the center of the population and political powere in Mexico shifter to
the valley of Mexico and the shoes of a chain of lakes
the people who succeeded the Toltecs as rulers of central Mexico were the
around what year did the Aztecs migrate to the central valley of Mexico?
in the period shortly after the arrival of the Aztecs in the valley of Mexico, what was the nature of the political organization of the region?
at the time of their migration to the shoes of Lake Texcoco, the Aztec numbered about
What city did the Aztecs establish circa 1325 on a marshy island in Lake Texcoco?
the Aztec awaited the appearence of an eagal landing on a cactus with a serpent in its mouth. when this appeared
their wonderings would end.
which of the following did NOT occur as a result as a result of the Aztec rise to power?
the abandonment of human sacrifiece
what was the impact of expansion and conquest on the Aztec social system?
from a loose association of clans, Aztec society became a highly stratified society
which of the following staements concerning Aztec religon is most accurate?
Aztec dieties were numerous and had diffrent forms or manifestations somewhat like the avatars of the Hindu deities
which of the followin was NOT one of the major themes or cults of Aztec religon?
Dieties devoted to contemplation and salvation
the central figure of the cult of hu,an sacrifice and the most sacred deity of the Aztecs was
what was the Aztec view of history?
like other mesoamerican peoples, the Aztecs belived in a cyclical pattern of repetitive destructions of the world.
which of the followin statements concerning the Aztec capital of Tenchtitlan in NOT accurate?
unlike other mesoamerican cities it lacked a temple complex
the aztec innovation in the insive agriculture in the aquatic enviorments of the lakes of central Mexico was the developement of
what was the nature of the Aztec economy?
the Aztec state redistributed many goods recived as tribute and there was a specialized merchant class
one of the permanent features of the Aztec society was its organization into clan or
which of the followin was NOT a function of the Aztec kinship groups?
Assignment of people to cult groups
Closley identified with the cult of sacrifice and the mitlitary, the Aztec social hierarchy developed a noblility refered to as the
which of the following is NOT true of the Aztec veiw of marrage ond the family?
Polygamy was common throughout society
while the position of Aztec woman in many ways parralled that of woman in othe civilizations at a similare stage of developement, what was the signifigante diffrence between the lives of women in mesoamerica and in the medditerranian world?
aztec woman had to spend many more hours grinding grain for their food
what was the nature of the Aztec administration of the subject territories?
conquered territories were often left relativly uncharged under the old rulers as long as they reconized Aztec supremacy and paid tribute
the most powerful of the Andean states between 900 and 1464 followinf the decline of Tihuanaco and Huari was
what was the primary diffrence in the political situation between the mesoamerican stiuation between mesoamerican and andean zones following the breakup of the classical states?
in the Andean zones a number of relitivly large states continued to be important, rather that the breakdown of power that was typical of mesoamerica
The capital of the Inca Empire was
the Inca ruler associated with the first creation of the Inca empire in 1438 was
what do the authors suggest was the principal reason for the Inca conquest and expansion?
the practice of split inheritance
what was the Inca practice of split inheritance?
all political power and titles went to the ruler's successor, but his wealth was kept in the hands of the male descendants to support the cult of the dead Inca's mummy
the religous practices most clearly associated with the stae and the person of the Inca in Andean civilization was the cult of
the sun
which of the followin was utilized in the Inca empire, but NOT the Aztecs?
extensive use of colonization
Tambos were
way stations along road to the Inca empire
what was the Andean principal of inheritance?
Parallel descent:woman passed rights and property to daughters, men to sons
the Inca noblity were
drawn from 10 royal ayllus and the city of Cuzco
which of the following excisted in the Aztec empire and NOT the Inca empire?
an extensive merchant class
the modern image of the Inca empire as a carfully organized system in wich every community collectivley contributed to the whole and the state regulated the distribution of resorces on the basis of need is refered to as
Inca socialism
which of the following views of the Aztec practice of Human sacrifice can be associated with Marvan Harris's interpretation of "canibal kingdom"?
it was a response to the lack of avalible protein in the form of karge mammals
which of the followin represents a cultural diffrence between the Incas and the Aztecs?
lack of a writing system
in terms of the integration of a centrilized empire, how did the Incas and Aztecs compare?
the Incas attempted to creat an over-arching political stae and made consious attempts to integrate their empire as a unit, while the Aztecs did less in this regard
which of the followin represents a signifigant diffrence between the Andean and Mesoamerican civilizations?
climate and geography
which of the following statements about the poulation of the Americas is most true?
the population estimates of the Americas continued to be revised upward
by 1500, agriculture was
practiced in sedentary communities throughout the Americas
Which of the following does NOT represent a charectoristic of most Indian societies other than the Andean and Mesoamerican civiliztions?
wealth of the basis of social ranking