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Capítulo 3: Pronombres de Complemento Directo

who, what, receives
direct object pronouns tell ____ or ______ ____________ the action of the verb
name, noun, repeat
direct object pronouns replace the ______ of the ______ in order not to ________ it
when the direct object is a person or group of people, use the personal __ before it
direct object pronoun: yo
direct object pronoun: tú
direct object pronoun: él, ella, usted
direct object pronoun: nosotros/as
direct object pronoun: vosotros/as
direct object pronoun: ellos, ellas, ustedes
direct object pronounds are generally placed __________ the conjugated main verb
no, verb
if there is a no before the verb, the direct object pronoun goes between the ____ and the _______
before, attached
if the verb is followed by an infinitive or a present participle (present progressive), the direct object pronoun may go _________ the main verb or be ___________ to the infinitive or participle
accent, 3rd
if you attach a direct object pronoun to an infinitive or participle, you must add an ___________ to the ____ syllable back
tense, conjugated
you do the special steps for direct object pronouns with participles because you can't seperate a _______ and there is already a ____________ verb in the sentence