55 terms


4.6 BYA
Earth born
3.5 BYA
heterotrophic, prokaryotic, anaerobic bacteria
fossil record, homologous structures, embryological comparisons
evolutionist's proof
Christian's proof
famous print fossil
Archaeopteryx, platypus
transitional organisms
oldest bird have fossil evidence of
dinosaur, reptile
what oldest bird similar to
homologous structures
x-ray analysis of structures that suggest likeness among different organisms, suggesting their evolution on the tree of life
humerus to radius, ulna to wrist bone to phalanges
homologous structures similarities
share branch on tree of life
homologous structures suggest
static change
first man placed on planet type of change
dynamic change
slow change
what cells are at 6 weeks
common ancestor
what embryos suggest
# of years between when Darwin gets back and when he writes book
Christian, Earth 1000s
George Cuvier beliefs
father of paleontology and Catastrophism
what George Cuvier is
George Cuvier
shows evidence of major, sudden extinctions in past
catastrophes, new animals, new species higher in rocks
fossils tell different time periods, animals at different time periods
George Cuvier's influence on Darwin
Principles of Geology
Charles Lyell's book
father of uniformitarianism
what Charles Lyell is
Principles of Geology by Charles Lyell
what Darwin reads on HMS Beagle
James Hutton
Darwin writes explanations to earlier comments by ______
sediment to sea, solid rocks
after elements break down things, ______
plate tectonics & earthquakes
expose ocean fossils over time
planet older than religious beliefs
Charles Lyell's influence on Darwin
economist, historian, not scientist
what Thomas Malthus is
more children born than people dying, humans reproduce faster than food supply
Thomas Malthus's essay on
world census
Malthus uses ______ for essay
famine, warfare, disease
keep pop in check
natural selection, nature has indirect control on pop
Thomas Malthus's influence on Darwin
inheritance of acquired traits
Jean Baptiste Lamark's belief
Jean Baptiste Lamark
if right scientifically, father of evolution
Jean Baptiste Lamark
1st to say different species from common ancestor & all branches suggest relatedness
acquired trait
trait you get during lifetime
Jean Baptiste Lamark
thinks some species have desire to want to change; some willingly create change on body & pass on to offspring (can't prove)
descent by modification and common ancestor are possible
Jean Baptiste Lamark's influence on Darwin
HMS Beagle sails
western coast of Ecuador
Galapagos Islands off ______
# of different types of finches
dry, barren, lower waterfalls, seeds in hard husks
bigger beaks
tropical, more rain, soft berries
smaller beaks
formation of new species & diversity exhibited by Tree of Life
group according to similar looks, assume they're same species
biological species concept
concept that defines species members of population that can successfully reproduce with each other & have fertile offspring
#1 driving force behind speciation
habitat isolation
leave 1 place, go another
lack of resources, predators, competition
makes species leave
allopatric speciation
another name for habitat isolation
behavioral isolation
unrecognized mating call
temporal isolation
mate at different times of year
mechanical isolation
incompatible genitalia or plants that cannot successfully pollinate each other
Bernard Kettlewell
moth guy