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Data Communication Network

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Since time division multiplexing was introduced, it has split into two roughly parallel but separate technologies: synchronous time division multiplexing and ____ time division multiplexing
involves the creation of mathematical equations to calculate various network values
Analytical modeling
multiplexes multiple data streams onto a single fiber-optic line
Wavelength division multiplexing (WDM)
The ____-switched network is most often found in networks designed to transfer computer data (such as the Internet)
SONET defines a hierarchy of signaling levels, or data transmission rates, called ____
synchronous transport signals (STS)
A ____ is a security procedure that uses public key cryptography to assign to a document a code for which you alone have the key
digital signature
The ____ layer of the OSI model makes sure the data received at the very end of a transmission is exactly the same as the data originally transmitted
IEEE created the 100-Mbps Ethernet 802.3u protocol also called ____ Ethernet
When a node on a wide area network ____ network transmits its data, the data is received by all the other nodes
technology is a unique form of multiplexing in that all the subchannels multiplexed together are intended for one user
Discrete multitone
cable represented a major improvement in the ability of transmission media to secure sensitive data
shift keying represents 0s and 1s by different changes in the phase of a waveform
Using ____, when a device transmits a binary 0, a zero voltage is transmitted. When the device transmits a binary 1, either a positive voltage or a negative voltage is transmitted
ensures that the network does not become saturated at any one point
Congestion control
shift keying incorporates four different phase angles, each of which represents 2 bits
Quadrature phase
A ____ is a device that interconnects two segments of local area networks and acts as a filter
is the process of sending data over a signal by varying either its amplitude, frequency, or phase
Digital encoding
An interface standard can consist of four parts, or components, all of which reside at the ____ layer.
division multiplexing is a good technique for transmitting multiple concurrent signals over a fiber-optic line
twisted pair is designed to support data transmission with signals as high as 200 MHz for 100 meters
Category 6
is the process of sending data over a signal by varying either its amplitude, frequency, or phase
The ____ of a signal is the number of times a signal makes a complete cycle within a given time frame
The ____ layer of the OSI model performs congestion control
The wireless LAN term for a collection of multiple Basic Service Sets is ____
Extended Service Set (ESS)
are represented as continuous waveforms that can be at an infinite number of points between some given minimum and maximum.
Analog signals
Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) is a(n) ____ layer protocol
In a payback analysis, the ____ Cost is a one-time cost that occurs in Year 0
A local area network works as a ____ network in that clusters of workstations are connected to a central point (hub or switch) through which workstations can transmit messages to one anothe
are capable of filtering out unnecessary traffic
The third PCS technology is ____ and uses a different form of time division multiple access technology
Global System for Mobile (GSM) Communications
is the technology behind the popular digital subscriber line (DSL) system
Coarse wavelength division multiplexing (CWDM)
network is the only network that offers a dedicated path
With ____, when a frame relay router experiences congestion, it sends a congestion signal forward to the destination station, which in turn tells the originating station to slow down the transfer of data
forward explicit congestion notification (FECN)
technology is a unique form of multiplexing in that all the subchannels multiplexed together are intended for one user
Discrete multitone
The three basic components of analog and digital signals are: amplitude, frequency, and ____
Fibre Channel can support the interconnection of up to ____ devices only
When working with stop-and-wait error control, the amount of time a station waits before retransmitting a packet is called
When converting analog data to digital signals, the frequency at which the snapshots are taken is called the ____ rate
was the standard created for fiber-optic systems
is high-quality encryption software that has become quite popular for creating secure e-mail messages and encrypting other types of data files for average users.
The most basic error-detection techniques are parity checks, which are used with ____ connections
The addition of control information to a packet as it moves through the layers is called ____
A ____ substitution-based cipher replaces a character or group of characters with a different character or group of character
Installing proper shielding on cables prevents
A transparent bridge creates the internal port table by using a form of
backward learning
The TCP/IP ____ layer supports network applications and may include presentation services
The ____ suite was not created by a standards-making organization but by a group of computer scientists
TCP/IP protocol
are discrete waveforms, rather than continuous waveforms
Digital signals