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Biological Principles

Which of the following are not components of all cells?


Prokaryotic cells do NOT have

Membrane-bound nuclei

Which of the following structures is large enough to be seen under a light microscope?


Organelles composed of a system of canals, tubes, and sacs that transport molecules inside the cytoplasm are...

Endoplasmic Reticula

These are the primary structures for the packaging of cellular secretions for export from

Golgi Bodies

Cell part responsible for maintaining cell shape, internal organization, and cell movements is the...


An organelle found in the nucleus is a


These are the primary cellular sites for the production of proteins


This Organelles appearance has been likened to a stack of pancakes

Golgi Body

These contain enzymes and are the main organelles of intracellular digestion


Plasmodesmata are

cross connections between plant cell walls


Cellular Respiration


Intra cellular digestion




Protein Synthesis

T/F: A plasma membrane is selectively permeable which means it allows only certain materials to pass through


Identify these parts of a cell:

Golgi Apparatus, Vessicle, Mitochondrion, Plastid, Granum, Thylakoid, Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum

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