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Articles of Confederation Shay's Rebellion Northwest Territroy

What is a government in which citizens' rule through elected representatives is know as . . . ?


How many states had to approve new laws under the Articles of Confederation?

9 out of 13

How many states' votes were needed to make changes/amend the Articles of Confederation?

all 13

How many votes did each state get in Congress?

Only one vote per state

What are 3 economic weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation?

1. Unable to collect taxes
2. Unable to collect state debt owed to the federal government
3. 14 types of currency within the United States

List one reason why it will be problem in keeping our nation secure (safe) under the Articles of Confederation?

Unable to draft an army

What are noneconomic and nonsecurity weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation?

1. Unable to settle disputes between states
2. No leader to enforce laws
3. Takes all 13 states to make an amendment
4. Cannot control trade between the states
5. Hard to pass federal laws - need 9 out of 13 states
6. No court system

What was needed to for a parcel of land to become a state in the Northwest Territory?

60,000 people settled in a specific area - could apply for statehood

What were 3 freedoms guaranteed in the Northwest Ordinance?

1. speech
2. religion
3. trial by jury

Which had the most power under the Articles of Confederation - the federal or state governments?

The state governments

Which states that will make up the Northwest Territory.

1. Ohio
2. Indiana
3. Illinois
4. Michigan
5. Wisconsin

What was the minimum price for an acre of land sold in the Northwest Territory?


Who decides whether a parcel of land in the NW territory could become a state?


What branch(es) of government included under that Articles of Confederation?


According to the Northwest Ordinance, how was the land organized in the Northwest Territory?

Into townships measure in 6X6 mile townships.
Each township was divided into 36 sections
Each section of land contained 640 acres

What event showed the need for a stronger federal government in the early years of the United States?

Shay's Rebellion

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