Peninsulas of the World

20 terms by chiseeley85

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Baja California

peninsula in northwest Mexico that is south of the state of California


peninsula in southern Mexico that was once home to the Mayans


peninsula on southeastern United State that is home to cities like Miami, Tampa, and Orlando


large European peninsula that is home to Portugal and Spain


peninsula in southern Ukraine that is the western border of Sea of Azov


peninsula that makes up most of Italy, with the exceptions being Sicily and Sardinia


peninsula in Russia in which Finland is directly to the west


peninsula in far eastern Russia, in which the Bering Sea is to the east and Sea of Okhotsk is to the west


Asian peninsula home to North Korea and South Korea


large peninsula in the Middle East home to Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, and UAE


peninsula in the Middle East that has one country, Qatar


peninsula in eastern China whose largest city is Qingdao


peninsula in southeast Asia in which Thailand extends to touch Malaysia


Canadian peninsula in northern Quebec


peninsula, located in southwest Asia, that is part of Egypt


northern peninsula of Michigan


southern peninsula of Michigan


peninsula in the state of Washington south of Vancouver Island, Canada


also known as Horn of Africa, this peninsula features the nation of Somalia


peninsula in Antarctica in which is the only place on that continent that is not in the Antarctic Circle

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