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Pharmacology for HESI

cheat sheet for HESI pharmacology
-ase, plase
thrombolytic - monitor for bleeding
calcium channel blocker - lowers B/P and HR - can cause heart blocks
-olol, lol
beta blocker - lowers B/P and HR - can cause bronchoconstriction
anticoagulant - monitor for bleeding - draw PTT
ACE inhibitor - lowers B/P - raises K+ - can cause cough
ARB - lowers B/P - raises k+
nitrate - lowers B/P - causes orthostatic hypotension and HA
HMG-coenzyme A reductase inhibitor - monitor lipids / LFTs - can cause myalgias (check CPK) and rhabdomylosis - most cant be given with grapefruit juice
antifungal - monitor LFTs
antiviral - monitor renal function
-cef, ceph
cephalosporin antibiotic - some cross allergy with PCN
tetracycline - photosensitivity - discolors teeth in kids
fluoroquinolone - don't take with milk
-micin, mycin
aminoglycoside - monitor peak / trough - check for hearing loss
sulfonamide antibiotic - increase fluid intake - photosensitivity - many allergies
proton pump inhibitor - osteoporosis long term
h2 antagonist - osteoporosis long term - don't take with antacids
glucocorticoid - do not stop abruptly - cause oral candida
skeletal muscle relaxant - used for MS
antiarrhythmic - hold if HR < 60 - therapeutic level 0.5 - 2 - yellow halo vision when toxic - digibind is antidote
antithyroid - increase of TSH
Fosamax Boniva
bone metabolism regulator - keep pt sitting up or ambulating 30 min after taking drung in the AM at least 30 min prior to food, bev, or medication
antituberculosis - used with rifampin
Topamax & Dilantin
anticonvulsants - cause gingival hyperplasia
tetracycline HCL
antibiotic - do not take with dairy
respiratory smooth muscle relaxant - avoid fluoroquinolone
antibiotic - avoid cephalosporins
anti-inflammatory - check serum calcium
pepsin inhibitor - adminsiter prior to meals
bone metabolism regulator - causes rhinitis
antibiotic / sufonamide - causes photosensitivity
Lasix and HCTZ
loop diuretic - monitor for hypokalemia
mucolytic - antidote for tylenol OD - monitor LFT
Prozac, Luvox, Zoloft, Paxil, Celexa, Lexapro - suicidal ideation
Fe+ supplements
give with orange juice - do not give milk - iron needs B12 to absorb