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They hail this god; he is the Lord of Delos. They also call him a healer. Who is he? And who sings this as well?
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They hail this god; he is the Lord of Delos. They also call him a healer. Who is he? And who sings this as well?
Apollo / The Chorus.
Who says, "...Tell me, daughter of golden Hope, immortal voice of Apollo." Who says this again?
The Chorus.
Immortal ______, daughter of Zeus. Who is immortal? What's her name?
Who is the sister of Athena?
Who are the gods ' goddesses of archery again?
Apollo and Artemis.
Who is, "...The protector of this land, who sits in glory of her throne in the marketplace." What is his/her name again?
On page 13 of "Oedipus the King," it says: "...One after another you can see our people speed like winged birds, faster than irresistible fire, to the shore of evening, to death. The city is dying, the deaths cannot be counted." What is this implying again?
Implies that once people die, they go either to heaven or hell, when they, "spread their wings" altogether.
What does the chorus sing with saying that they want this particular god to be let go into the great sea gulf of the western ocean or north to the Thracian coasts which have been proven to give no shelter from the sea. And that for now, what the night spares, will let him come by for that day. Who is this "god" that the chorus sings and wants away from?
It is the raging War-god that they are speaking of.
Who speeds along the eastern mountains with flaming torches again?
Who invokes the god with the golden head-dress, and who gave the land his name, wine-faced ________, who runs with maddened girls.
The Chorus and Dionysus.
After the Chorus sings, who stays on the stage still, and who enters from the palace doors onto the stage?
The Chorus stays and Oedipus the King, enters from the palace doors.
[He addresses the chorus - the people of Thebes]. Who does this again?
Who becomes a Theban citizen again?
It would be Oedipus.
Who wants to know the whole truth about Laius (Son of Labdacus), was killed? Which character again?
Oedipus wants to know.
True or False: If anyone knows the identity of the murderer who had killed Laius, and that he is a foreigner, from another land, Oedipus will let him speak up and will make it profitable for him. And he will have his gratitude, as well. What is this again? True or False?
It's True!