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Ch.12 questions

Studies have found the degree of conformity to be greater in ___cultures.
To prevent groupthink, members of a group should do all but which
Discourage question and alternate solutions
Maria's fellow professor asked her to teach an honors class in the spring. Maria agreed only to find out after agreeing that teaching such course also meant that she would have to attend meetings .... Maria has fallen victim to the ____ technique
Some researchers believe that Milgram's results were a form of the_____technique in persuasion.
Sandy loves to play pool and becomes quite good at it. Lately, she has noticed she seems to play better when there are people watching her than when she is alone. This difference in Sandy'd playing is most likely the result of___
social faciliation
Jerry goes to a lot of dog races because he enjoys them and loves to see the dogs run. For Jerry, going to the do races a lot represent_____components of attitude
The public service messages encourage parents to sit down with their children and talk frankly about drugs are promoting which method of attitude
direct instruction
Researchers have found that a____ degree of fear makes it more effective, particularly when it is combined with
moderate info about how to prevent fearful consequences
Sandy was a juror in the trial for a man accused of stealing guns from a sporting goods. The defendant was not very well spoken and came from a very poor family, but Sandy listened based on that. Sandy was using
Not something you do to reduce cognitive dissonance
ignore the conflict
Gerard goes to an interview dressed in patched jeans, torn t-shirt, and sandals..... Obviously Gerard knows nothing about
impression formation
sets of assumptions that people have about ow different types of people,personality traits, and actions are related to each other
implicit personality theories
If behavior is assumed to be caused by internal personality characteristics, this is known as
disposal cause
The people with whom a person identifies most strongly are
in group
Prejudice and discrimination is LEAST likely to develop
two different group, dealing with aftermath of hurricane
The ____explanation of prejudice assumes that the same processes that help form other attitudes form prejudice attitudes.
social cognitive
Patrick is very proud of his Irish heritage and thinks of himself as Irish American. Patrick has a strong
social identity
The self-fulfilling prophecy is a negative outcome of
stereotype vulnerability
The "Robert cave "experiment showed in ___combating justice
equal status contact
Sarah the found her soulmate John , when he moved to Florida. ACCORDING t research in interpersonal attraction, the most likely explanation for them to "find" each other is
according to sternberg, married committed people who also have intimacy and passion are in the form of love called
The concept of aggression as a basic human instinct driving people to destructive acts was part of early---
cognitive theory
Violent video games have been blamed for all but which
increased level of altruism in children
TO which two processes do most psychologist attribute the failure of Kitty Genovese's neighbors to help her?
bystanders effect and diffusion of responsibility
Cries for help, shouting, and loud noises all help with which step in the decision processing of helping
defining an emergency
Cults do all but what to gain new members
talking with parents of the reruit