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sit ins, boycotts biggest one
using buying ability to assert their status in society, they are members and deserve to be treated as them!
revolutionary boycotts
rights of englishmen
don't buy where you can't work

WW2: buying bonds, recycling in order to back up the war effort

-The independence and consumer choice provided while going through a transaction acts as political speech.
-buying or boycotting certain products and services for political reasons can take on significance.
-Some of them use business targets to voice criticism of government actions. Other consumer boycotts focus specifically on the policies and practices of corporations.
-Shell has been repeatedly targeted because of its environmental practices and human rights policy in Nigeria as well as its use of oil tankers that do not conform to international safety standards
-"Bigger than a burger" by Ella baker; sit ins and demonstrations are a symbol for a larger issue, "seeking to rid America of the scourge of racial segregation and discrimination — not only at lunch counters, but in every aspect of life."
-Labeling schemes for organic food, fair-trade products, environmentally friendly products and production methods, and ethical banking are examples of this positive face of "political consumerism"
-LA riots: sit ins and boycotts used at 17 Woolworth and Kress stores, both stores who practiced segregation in the south; "refusal to patronize these stores in areas outside the south will serve to impress upon the owners" LA TIMES
-Kitchen Debate